Low Price

The marketplace has been undergoing a rapid change for several years. Because of the increased interest in the internet industry we are poised now to enter into an expanding market place.

With increased knowledge of the benefits of the internet that is being promoted on TV, radio, and in newsprint, it is felt that a large market has been created, but to the small person, a well designed website may not be affordable. mdcanada WEB design will be flexible enough to offer the best solutions, being able to provide more ways to meet your needs.

mdcanada WEB design makes it affordable.



Help setting up a
Domain name
- .com, .org, .ca *

- multiple email *

- web space *

- Frames
- title
- menu options
- main body
- 5 sub-pages
- search engine
- graphics

Help setting up
your site on an
internet providers
server computer.
* Note: Internet provider
server rental and domain
names are extra. They are
available at low reasonable
charges per year.